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The Kura Care medical device says my blood pressure is different than my other blood pressure device

First off, if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms please call your provider or 911 to get medical assistance immediately. Otherwise, a slight discrepancy in measurements between devices is common. There are several reasons this could happen such as: different device manufacturers and the time of day you took device readings. Here are some ways you can solve this dilemma:

  1. With just a couple minutes between measurements, take a blood pressure reading with one device and then again with your other device. Compare the results. If both device readings are similar, then we recommend being consistent with taking your blood pressure measurements every day with the device Kura assigned to you. Even if the measurement is a little off, we can still establish data trends that your doctor can use to manage your health condition.

  2. Next time when you go to the clinic, you can bring both devices with you so that your provider can verify the accuracy of the devices for you. If the device Kura sent you is not accurate we will work with your doctor to replace it for you at no cost to you.

  3. You can send a message about your concern to your doctor and their care team using the Kura Care patient portal chat feature.

If you have any questions please contact customer service at 858-208-0893.


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