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Yoga Symmetry

Yoga and Exercise with Family and Friends

Having close connections with others can improve survival and well-beingPracticing yoga and exercising with friends and family combines benefits of being together, growing together and encouraging each other to be active. Give it a try and have fun!

Emotional Support

Being Kind to Ourselves

Self-care Comes First

Depression in Cardiac Patients

The Importance of Emotional Support

Yoga and Exercise with Family and Friends

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A Cancer Survivor with a Vision

An Empathetic Solution

Transforming Your Health with Meditation

Take a Minute to Breathe and Rest

Journaling and Cardiac Health

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Category:Emtional Support

Cardiac Health

A Look at the Nutrition Facts of Grocery Store Meals and Packaged Foods

There are benefits to cooking your meals from home, it can be both nutritious and affordable, but it’s only sometimes feasible or preferred.

A Beginners Guide to Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels help us understand what’s in our food items and allow us to make decisions based on our personal dietary needs. Being able to decipher these labels is an essential part of maintaining a healthy diet and preventing over or under consumption of vital nutrients.


Incorporating a healthy lifestyle includes maintaining a healthy diet which can look different for everyone. Following a specific diet plan that matches your goals and preferences can help you maintain good food habits. 

Anxiety and Cardiac Health

Recover Your Health and Your Mind

The Benefits of Yoga in Cardiac Rehab Journey

A Medical Perspective

Self-Care Ideas for Effective Stress Relief

Engaging in self-care practices can help you manage and reduce stress levels. It’s essential to designate a daily time frame for self-care activities.

Practical Approaches to Managing Daily Stress

Stress can impact your overall health and wellbeing in many ways. Both your mental and physical health is affected by high levels of stress. 

Techniques to Reduce Stress/Anxiety and Manage Blood Pressure

Stress or anxiety is a contributing factor in elevating blood pressure. One way to help manage stress or anxiety levels is with paced breathing.

Stress Management and Cardiac Rehab

Stressing out won’t help, managing it will.

Bridging Cure and Care

How Healthcare is Moving from the Hospital to the Home

Exploring the Stress-Relieving Benefits of Nature

Being outside in nature with natural light, fresh air, and green spaces can provide many benefits, such as relieving stress, reducing depression and anxiety, increasing energy and memory, and improving overall health (AHA, 2018).


Prioritizing a healthy diet along with regular physical activity has proven to have a significant positive impact on heart health. 

Journaling and Cardiac Health

You may have heard about the positive powers of journaling, from improving memory and reducing stress to reducing your blood pressure. Journaling provides an opportunity to calm the restless mind, get settled, fill, and reconnect with your inner self.

Exercise and Its Benefits in Cardiac Rehab

Exercising is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Longevity increases when people go from being sedentary to doing a little exercise every day. 

Category:Cardiac Health

Face Difficulties

Read Your Heart Rate Like a Pro

RHR and Its potential use for early signs of heart disease and COVID-19

Good Hand Hygiene Helps You Fight COVID-19

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

5 Dos to Brighten Up Your Stay-at-home Experience

Strong Mental Health Strengthens Your Immune System

COVID-19 Endangers Heart Disease Patients

Learn the risks now in a glance

How COVID-19 Increases the Risk for Patients with Heart Disease?

Understand the Risks and Protect Your Heart!

Smart Care For Heart Disease Patients During and Post-Pandemic

Remote Caring Starts Now with Apple Watch and KURA

Protect Yourself Against COVID-19

5 Tips for Patients with Cardiac Diseases From Doctors’ Perspective

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