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Yoga Symmetry

Yoga and Exercise with Family and Friends

Having close connections with others can improve survival and well-beingPracticing yoga and exercising with friends and family combines benefits of being together, growing together and encouraging each other to be active. Give it a try and have fun!

Emotional Support

Being Kind to Ourselves

Self-care Comes First

Depression in Cardiac Patients

The Importance of Emotional Support

Yoga and Exercise with Family and Friends

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A Cancer Survivor with a Vision

An Empathetic Solution

Transforming Your Health with Meditation

Take a Minute to Breathe and Rest

Journaling and Cardiac Health

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Cardiac Health

Checking Blood Pressure with Orthostatic Hypotension

Orthostatic hypotension is a medical condition affecting blood pressure when individuals move from sitting or lying to standing. This condition can result in various symptoms, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting.

The Importance of Taking Blood Pressure Medication Properly

High blood pressure is a condition that affects millions of people and is more common in older age. It can be dangerous because, if left untreated, it can lead to severe complications such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, vision loss, and more (AHA, 2022).

Benefits of Telemedicine

Have you ever experienced challenges with healthcare access or felt discouraged from seeking medical attention due to factors such as travel distances, waiting in crowded waiting rooms, or difficulties scheduling appointments?

Benefits of Getting Your Daily Steps In

Do you think of walking when you think about improving your health and reducing disease risk? If not, this guide will help you become more aware of the benefits of getting your daily steps in and ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.

The Importance of Consistently Recording Your Blood Glucose Levels

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is essential for you and your doctor in managing your diabetes treatment plan. It would help if you ensured your results were from specific times of the day.

Factors that Affect Falling Asleep

Getting a good night’s sleep starts with being able first to fall asleep. Falling asleep at a reasonable time sets the night up for a good start.

Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Health

Prioritizing cardiovascular health involves understanding and monitoring your blood pressure. As we age, the chances of high blood pressure increase and we may or may not display symptoms.

Exploring the Stress-Relieving Benefits of Nature

Being outside in nature with natural light, fresh air, and green spaces can provide many benefits, such as relieving stress, reducing depression and anxiety, increasing energy and memory, and improving overall health (AHA, 2018).


Prioritizing a healthy diet along with regular physical activity has proven to have a significant positive impact on heart health. 

Journaling and Cardiac Health

You may have heard about the positive powers of journaling, from improving memory and reducing stress to reducing your blood pressure. Journaling provides an opportunity to calm the restless mind, get settled, fill, and reconnect with your inner self.

Exercise and Its Benefits in Cardiac Rehab

Exercising is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Longevity increases when people go from being sedentary to doing a little exercise every day. 

Understanding Lipids

Understanding the role of lipids, commonly referred to as fats, is crucial for comprehending their significance in maintaining optimal health.

The Basics of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common health condition many people live with, and some may not even know they have it. High blood pressure can occur in younger people, but the risk increases after age 45 (Jaret, 2021).

How Support Groups Help Patients Connect with Others and Find Hope

Facing serious health conditions or surgeries can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and alone. It can be challenging to cope with the physical and emotional tolls of these experiences.

Understanding the Symptoms and Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that our bodies become more susceptible to as we age. It occurs when the body can’t produce its insulin or when the body is unable to use the insulin it produces (WHO, 2023).

Incorporating Salt Alternatives into Your Diet

Salt is used in many dishes at restaurants and at home to enhance the flavor of foods. However, overconsumption of salt can raise blood pressure and lead to stroke and heart disease (WebMD, 2023).

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

The quality and amount of sleep we get each night can affect our lives in various ways. It can manifest positive or negative symptoms in our bodies. Sleeping for about 8 hours every night can improve your mental and physical health and reduce your risk of developing diseases.

A Look at the Nutrition Facts of Grocery Store Meals and Packaged Foods

There are benefits to cooking your meals from home, it can be both nutritious and affordable, but it’s only sometimes feasible or preferred.

A Beginners Guide to Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels help us understand what’s in our food items and allow us to make decisions based on our personal dietary needs. Being able to decipher these labels is an essential part of maintaining a healthy diet and preventing over or under consumption of vital nutrients.


Incorporating a healthy lifestyle includes maintaining a healthy diet which can look different for everyone. Following a specific diet plan that matches your goals and preferences can help you maintain good food habits. 

Anxiety and Cardiac Health

Recover Your Health and Your Mind

The Benefits of Yoga in Cardiac Rehab Journey

A Medical Perspective

Orthostatic Hypotension: What It Is and How to Keep Safe

Orthostatic hypotension is postural hypotension that affects many people, especially older adults. It occurs when there’s a drop in blood pressure when standing up after sitting, which can cause dizziness, confusion, blurry vision, lightheadedness, and fainting (Mayo Clinic, 2022).

The Mental Health Impacts of Major Life Changes

Change is inevitable in life, life changes may be foreseen, but some are unexpected. Whether you go through a positive or negative change, it can have an impact on your mental health.

Mental Health Importance & Coping Mechanisms

Mental health is crucial for everyone, and unfortunately, it’s often overlooked. It’s important because it impacts our daily lives and affects how we make decisions.

How MET Levels Impact Your Daily Life

Regular exercise helps improve physical and mental health and reduces chronic disease risk. However, one thing people may need clarification on is how much exercise is right for them.

Coping With Common Sleep Disruptions

Many sleep disruptions and problems can impact the duration and quality of daily sleep. Waking up frequently throughout the night can be caused by common sleep disruptions.

Simple Food Alternatives for a Healthier Lifestyle

Replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives can provide numerous benefits for our overall health and well-being. Food alternatives offer a different way to flavor dishes and introduce new cooking techniques.

Self-Care Ideas for Effective Stress Relief

Engaging in self-care practices can help you manage and reduce stress levels. It’s essential to designate a daily time frame for self-care activities.

Practical Approaches to Managing Daily Stress

Stress can impact your overall health and wellbeing in many ways. Both your mental and physical health is affected by high levels of stress. 

Techniques to Reduce Stress/Anxiety and Manage Blood Pressure

Stress or anxiety is a contributing factor in elevating blood pressure. One way to help manage stress or anxiety levels is with paced breathing.

Stress Management and Cardiac Rehab

Stressing out won’t help, managing it will.

Bridging Cure and Care

How Healthcare is Moving from the Hospital to the Home

Category:Cardiac Health

Face Difficulties

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