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As a billing specialist, how and when do to pull the billing reports?

Please reference the user manual for specific directions on how to pull the billing reports for your practice's remote care programs.

When to pull the billing reports is ultimately up to your organization and your workflow. There are some general rules to follow:

  • Recurring time-based billing codes (e.g. 99457/99458) are on a calendar month billing cycle. The reports will be generated at the last day of every month for eligible patients. For these codes, we suggest a billing specialist to check on the status of these codes for all their patients at the beginning of every month.

  • Recurring device based codes (e.g. 99454) are on a 30 day billing cycle. The report will be generated once the 30 day billing cycle has finished (If a patient starts in the middle of the month then the billing cycle will end in the middle of the next month). The nature of this billing cycle means every each patient's billing cycle could land on a different day. For timely and accurate billing of this code we suggest regularly checking for newly generated reports for patients, as a new 99454 report could be generated every day if you have enough patients taking regular measurements.

  • One-time billing codes (e.g. 99453), the report will be generated 16 days from the start date. We recommend only billing this one-time code once the first instance of the associated device supply/transmission code (e.g. 99454) has been met by the patient. We suggest the billing team to check for newly generated reports for this code on a regular basis.

Note: It may possible to set all codes on a calendar month billing cycle for simplicity. Please contact us if you are interested in this.


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